Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Academic Year


16 September
Zina Trost,  University of Alabama
BSTW, 1495"Beyond distraction: Using virtual reality gaming to challenge pain-related and avoidance behavior"
21 OctoberHanns Zeilhofer, University Zurich
BSTW, 1495
"Dissecting the functions of dorsal horn interneurons through intersectional gene targeting"
20 November (Fri.)
Yuanxiang Tao, Rutgers Medical School
BSTW, 1495"Epigenetic mechanisms of neuropathic pain"
16 DecemberKaren Davis, University Toronto
BSTW, 1495
The "Dynamic pain connectome" and the "pain switch (an ouch detector)": Two new concept sof pain mechanism and the impact on developing a pain-o-meter"


20 January
Marco Loggia, Mass General, HarvardBSTW, 1495 "The human brain in chronic pain"
10 FebruaryLaura Bohn, Scripps Research Institute
BSTW, 1495"Harnessing CPCR signaling by using biased agonist to promote analgesia while limiting side effects"
17 FebruaryJulie Christianson, University of KansasBSTW, 1495"The painful consequences of early life stress"
16 MarchXinzhong Dong, Johns Hopkins
BSTW, 1495"Mechanisms of itch and inflammation"
20 April
Todd Vanderah, University Arizona
BSTW, 1495"Sources of bone cancer pain and its treatment by enhancing endogenous cannabinoids"
18 MayEarl Carstens, UC Davis College
BSTW, 1495"TBA"

Seminars (from previous years)